804 N Delaware St, Ste A. Indianapolis, IN 46204   •   Phone: 317.924.0810   •   Maintenance: 317.716.9893
Aaron and his wife Tara


Aaron Adams, Owner (801) 787-0294

Tara Adams, Owner (317) 319-0630

Tara is a licensed real estate broker for Alpine. She is involved in the management side of the company and plans the monthly events Alpine Capital Solutions hosts.

Heather Brauchla, Tenant Relations Manager (317) 353-5399

Heather collects and tracks rent, processes and approves leases, and manages evictions for Alpine Property Management.

Lincoln Gardner, Operation Manager (317) 512-4109

Lincoln is involved with day to day activity in the office and with investors as well as manages construction flow on all properties.

Heather Tenney, Accounting/Finance Manager (317) 496-3122

Heather is involved with day to day activity in the office related to company cash flow and property sales analysis.


Robert Miller, Construction Manager (317) 345-6949

Robert handles all budget creations, final inspections, and contractor progress on rehabs at Alpine properties.

Paul Box, Project Manager (317) 409-6371

Paul is in charge of lawn maintenance for vacant houses during the summer months and winterizations of vacant houses during winter. Paul also preps all houses before Alpine Capital Solutions’ monthly bus tours.


Tiffany Boutwell, Maintenance and Tenant Relations (317) 514-2065

Tiffany receives all maintenance and office calls from tenants. She also directs Alpine’s visitors as they come in and collects rent at the front desk.

Karmon Miller, Maintenance Coordinator (317) 629-1944

Karmon is the liaison between the investors and the contractors for all maintenance at the properties. She negotiates the work to be done, gets approval from investors, and follows up with the contractor that the job was complete.

Customer Service/Investor Relations:

Anita Box, Project Manager 317-409-8314

Anita disburses all rent to owners on a monthly basis and also works within PropertyWare on new owner transfers. In addition, Anta handles all Board of Health, Code Violations and Section 8 for Alpine.

Andrew Brauchla, Customer Service Manager 317-506-4902

Andrew is the single point of contact for investors after a property closes. He also manages multi-units, troubleshoots investor problems and is the insurance liaison.

Beth Roehling, Accounting/Finance (317) 236-8064

Beth manages all money in and out of the company and also works within PropertyWare to ensure all investor and tenant charges are correct.

Dana Rupright, Project Manager (317) 200-6117

Dana walks new investors through the property management software PropertyWare and gets them acclimated to company procedures. She also helps coordinate the monthly events as well as other work for Alpine Capital Solutions.

Rhonda Thurman, Utility Manager (317) 956-7192

Rhonda works with local utility companies during construction and for vacant properties.

Sales & Acquistions:

Jessica Bischoff, Sales Coordinator (317) 698-5248

Jessica creates all sales marketing documents for Alpine Capital Solutions and works with investors during the closing process.

Jacob Blackett, Sales Closing Manager (775) 762-6884

Jacob manages the property sales and closing process and serves as the title company liaison. Jacob also sources properties for Alpine Capital Solutions.

Ellen Brown, Local Investment Manager (317) 435-2586

Ellen works with investors on a personal level with regard to property sales, focusing mostly on local Indianapolis clients. She is also a key member of the weekly Real Estate Investing Radio Show.

Rebecca Brown, International Clientele Manager (317) 650-7253

Rebecca is Alpine Capital Solution’s international investment manager. She advises clients from all over the world on property investments in Indianapolis, Dallas, Fort Worth, Kansas City and Orlando.

Meggan Daley, Portfolio and Acquisitions Manager (317) 319-101

Meggan is Alpine Capital Solutions main acquisitions specialist. She works with investors from all over the country to grow their portfolios and create a profitable investment strategy. Meggan possesses real estate knowledge in the Indianapolis, Dallas, Fort Worth, Kansas City and Orlando markets.

Kathleen Doherty, Alpine Elite Program Director and Personal Concierge (317) 557-8022

Kat manages Alpine Capital Solution’s Elite Program, which is made up of Alpine’s most select and repeat investors. Kat also works on a range of projects for Alpine Property Management.